VITA.EXD.2G. Flushing Unit


Mobile flushing unit, suitable for flushing oflube oil in turbines.
Multi-Purpose Filter housing can accommodate ESP, ENDURE IX and Depth Media elements. The system can be easily configured depending on your condition and application. Can also accommodate other filtration technologies such as particulate, water adsorption, and Spark-Free filters.

Soft Contaminant Removal
Mitigate the damaging effects of Sludge & Varnish using patent-pending Electrophysical Separation Process™ (ESP) technology. Proven technology on hundreds of installations across 5 continents.

Hard Contaminant Removal
Efficiently remove dirt, debris and wear metals using high efficiency Depth Media down to 3 microns. Will help maintain excellent system cleanliness.

Phosphate Esther Contaminant Removal
Our ENDURE technology removes all phosphate ester fluid degradation products, such as acids, gels and varnish.

ATEX marking: CE-II 2G IIC T3

9000536 VITA.EXD.2G. Flushing Unit

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