22 KW El-Heater EXD SS316


The el-heater is used for generating heat in circulated liquids which ensures optimum flexibility and effect.

The el-heater is fabricated in stainless SS316 steel and fitted with a stainless SS316 steel vessel, approved in accordance with the PED directive 97/23/EC, article 3, paragraph 3.

The unit is suitable for operation in Zone 2 areas whit fluids of group 2. To ensure safe operation, the el-heater is equipped with an internal overheating switch, which is set to 1000ºC and a safety pressure valve set to 16 bar.

The power supply is 3 x 400 V., 32 A. with a rated power of 22 kW.

9000-381 22KW.El-heater.EXD.SS316

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