Use the SOCOTFlex for safe oil change at heights. The SOCOTFlex unit is operated from WTG transition pieces independent of service vessels. The SOCOTFlex-concept is developed and designed focusing on safety, and environmental aspects, working closely together with the technical demands for an efficient and pure oil change.

SOCOTFlex consists of a wind compensated hose reel unit in aluminum frame designed and approved for harsh offshore conditions according to DNV 2.7-1 Maritime Standards, it fulfills safety and environmental regulations, as well as being useable for on/off loading from service vessels to platforms and is drop tested for this purpose.

The need for lifting to a fixed offshore point, as storing the unit on a service or accommodation platform in a wind park makes it possible for the unit to stay offshore for longer periods in remotely located offshore wind farms. The hose reel is wind compensated by an automatic tensioning system. The unit has integrated filter systems ensuring purity of the oil according to the turbine manufactures recommendation.

7000-130 SOCOTFLEX

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