Biocide Injection Unit 20.69 SS316 EXD


The unit is driven by a 380 V. , 2.2 kW., EXD 16 A. electrical motor, fitted to a 18 ltr./min. stainless SS316 steel horizontal piston pump.

The pump performance and reliability are combined with the toughest industrial equipment piece, process, and metering applications. This pump is the undisputed pump of choice for trouble-free operation where other pumps simply cannot survive.

To meet the specific requirements of the industries, the pump is un-parallelled in its precise performance delivering coatings in the paper industry, dosing chemicals in water/wastewater market, biocide and many other applications.

The pump has multiple diaphragms which are actuated at a fast frequency to make the pump virtually pulsation free.

9000024 Biocide pump OTS.20.69.SS316.EXD

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