Boiler Cleaning Unit


A 600 ltr. chemical mixing tank, commonly used for mixing, heating, and circulating chemicals in all kinds of process systems such as, but not limited to, boilers, pipe- & tank systems, heat exchangers, coolers (plate & tube bundles) etc.

With the mixing tank follows the BOXER 502, BOXER 100 diaphragm pump and a 1½” manifold for safe pumping of chemicals. The pump is non-metallic and the diaphragms, balls, ball seats, 
and O-rings are made from teflon, polypropylene and viton which makes the pump excellent for operating with all kinds of high or low viscosity oils, acids, and chemicals.

The design ensures that the flow variation range is controlled by an air-pressure regulating valve and an air/water separator including injection of lubrication in the air flow, which secures a safe, reliable, and efficient supply of liquid.

8000118 Boiler Cleaning Unit

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