Chemical Acid Pump 150.110 ACID EXD. II


The unit is driven by a 400 V., 37 kW., 50 Hz. 63 Amp., EXD electrical motor, fitted to a stainless steel SS316 high pressure triplex piston pump.

The unit is excellent for pumping “on-line” water solution including 5% to 34% hydrochloric acid into a variety of different process systems such as, but not limited to, descaling of calcium carbonates or barium sulphate in hydro-cyclones-, water injection-, crude-oil systems and separators.

The unit is simple to operate with soft touch buttons on the control panel for variable motor speed and flow applications through an electrical converter.

9000230, 288, 319, 361 - Chemical Acid Pump.150.110.ACID.EXD.II

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