Bearing Flushing Unit


The small compact flushing unit is driven by a 230 V. electrical motor and is especially designed to dissolve and successfully remove old hardened and harmful grease and contamination from bearings in a two stages cycle.

  1. Dissolving of old grease.
  2. Flushing of the bearing with resistant 150 cSt. flushing oil during slow bearing rotation.

The unit is equipped with a flow manifold to secure an even flow independent of the individual pressure drop of each four bearing injection points. 230 V. / 2000 W. electrical heater and electronic temperature sensor are integrated to prevent overheating of bearing gasket.

Furthermore, the unit is very versatile, safe, and can be used for all bearing applications. The unit is equipped with separate 2 x 15 ltr. tanks for low lift height.


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