39" Filter Bank SS316


The filter unit is used mainly for off- & inline filtration of hydraulic and lubrication oil systems. As a supplement to in-line filters for providing cleanliness and filter life in dirt contaminated systems. The unit is able to provide a cleanliness level better than AS4059 Class 5 (NAS 1638 Class 5).

Examples of applications:

  • The unit can be installed inline in an existing hydraulic- & lube oil circuit through loop hoses.
  • The unit can be installed as an off-line filtration system for instance on oil drain reservoirs circulating the oil through an external pump unit back to the reservoir.
  • The unit can, through an external pump, provide clean injection of oil, to the existent oil flow to increase the flow speed/capacity during flushing of systems.
  • The unit is able to filter the oil while new oil is being filled to the reservoir.

Filter Units Oil 9000472 

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