About us

IKM Production Technology

After 25 years of operation in the oil and gas industry, IKM Production Technology has gathered solid well competence and experience associated with wells and processes. With head office in Sola, Norway and an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we deliver services in Norway, the UK and Southeast Asia.

We focus on the following subject areas:

Treatment of slop and cuttings
We are leaders in waste water (slop) treatment offshore. Our methods are "Best-in-class" as far as environmental requirements and carbon footprint are concerned.

Well testing
Over a period of 10 years, we have delivered in-house designed/manufactured high-pressure sampling equipment for the industry.

Well integrity
We have patented methods for examination of down-the-hole barrier leakage without the use of costly intervention equipment.

On-site chemical analysis
IKM Production Technology has developed laboratory modules and analytical technology that are used in both well testing and process/manufacturing. 

Well intervention

  • Rental of pressure control equipment
  • Maintenance, service, repair and re-certification
  • Management and storage of customer equipment
  • Procurement of spare parts for the well service segment
  • Sale and rental of down-the-hole tools

IKM Production Technology is certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and Achilles.