Hydraulic systems

Hydrauliske systemer

Hydraulics / Hydraulic systems / Pumping systems / Well control equipment

IKM Promech AS has solid expertise in hydraulics and can deliver tailor-made systems that suit the customer's needs.

Together with our partners, we can deliver complete systems to our customers that include mechanical, hydraulic and electrical. We can also assist our customers with adapting existing systems to new regulations.

We carry out engineering, design, production and testing of a number of systems for use onshore and offshore. IKM Promech AS has extensive experience in the delivery of systems for use in explosive areas (EX).

We carry out both production of new systems as well as maintenance, overhaul and repair of existing systems (Onshore/Offshore).

  • Filter units
  • Chemical Injection units
  • Pump units
  • High-pressure washing systems
  • HPU and Reel systems
  • BOP Control Systems
  • Vacuum units
  • Acid pump unit
  • Electric Air/N2 Heater



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Chemical injection Unit IKM

Acid pump Unit IKM