IKM Testing Malaysia

IKM Testing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary company of IKM Testing Asia which is based in Singapore covers the SEA region. IKM Testing Malaysia was established in year 2011 in pipeline, mechanical completion and commissioning. 

This company was established to cater for major and minor Oil & Gas industries in Peninsula Malaysia region and Sabah & Sarawak region. We also provide support to our neighboring region.

Our company provided services to major EPCC company during construction period and major Oil & Gas company such as National Oil Company (PETRONAS), PSC contractors and RSC contractors such as Shell, Exxon, Petron, Murphy, Hess, Enquest, Carigali in their construction and Turnaround. 

Generally we are specialized in providing integrated mechanical completion and commissioning works which mainly covers the Nitrogen services, Cleaning services, on-site machining services, pipeline completion services, equipment rental and sales.

The Nitrogen Services which comprises N2/He Leak Testing, Nitrogen Purging and pipe freezing. 
The Controlled Bolting Services comprises Manual Torque Wrenching, Hydraulic Torque Wrenching & Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning. 

The flange management services comprises the Joint Integrity Testing & on-site flange machining. 

The Cleaning services comprises the chemical cleaning, piping Preservation, Passivation on hydrocarbon piping and equipment, Hot Oil Flushing on Turbine System, Hydrojetting, steaming

The On-site machining services comprises cold-cutting / beveling, flange machining, so on. Our company also provide product sales for on-site machining. 

We are continuously expanding our fleet and are producing multiple new systems each year in line with increased operational demand. The services are Online Safety Valve testing to decrease downtime and minimize cost. In additional, we also provide services such as Dry Ice Cleaning to replace high pressure water jetting which minimizes waste water production. Other services are such as waste minimization from chemical cleaning to significantly reduce waste treatment cost.