Changes in IKM Instrutek’s NavCom service department

IKM Instrutek NavCom service department

After nearly 14 years in our maritime service team Tom Sigurdssøn have come to a point that he would like to try a new career as a Key Account Manager

Many of you have known Tom from his job as Senior Service Engineer and his dedication to deliver excellent service onboard, and close following up with advise with on-board crew and Superintendants. Therefore we believe Tom with his background is the right choice to take care of our customers various technical challenges.

As usual enquiries and orders should preferably be submitted to our common mail for the maritime team:

IKM Instrutek shall ensure to continue delivering excellent service to all our customers, suppliers and cooperative partners. We have therefor also reorganized slightly and Nathalie Slettedal (BSc in Nautics) and Trond Krag (Sr. Service Engineer) will fill positions as Service Coordinators and will be included in the Maritime sales/service commercial team. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.