IKM Elektro acquires Elektrodrift AS and establishes itself in Haugalandet

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IKM Elektro announces today the acquisition of Elektrodrift AS, a well-established company with 70 years of experience in the industry. This acquisition marks a milestone for IKM Elektro in their strategy to establish themselves in Haugalandet and strengthen their competence in electromechanical services.

IKM Elektro acquires 90% of the shares in Elektrodrift AS, while 10% will be retained by Per Dagfinn Stueland, who will have a central role in the continued operation of the company.

Founded in 1953, Elektrodrift AS is a reputable company with eight employees specializing in the repair and sale of electric motors. With their certification as a workshop for work on Ex equipment, they serve a wide range of industries in Haugalandet and a larger geographic area. For more information about Elektrodrift AS, visit their website: www.elektro-drift.no​​​​​​​

The background for the acquisition is IKM Elektro's desire to establish themselves in Haugalandet and their successful collaboration with Elektrodrift over an extended period. When the opportunity for the acquisition of Elektrodrift arose, it was natural for the parties to initiate dialogue to continue and develop the business together.

This acquisition brings several advantages and synergies for both companies. IKM Elektro gains access to established workshop and skilled personnel. They will be able to serve a broad market within energy, fishing, shipping, and shipyards, as well as benefit from the extensive experience of Elektrodrift's employees through a solid knowledge transfer. Collaboration on projects becomes possible, and IKM Elektro obtains a dedicated coil winding workshop for top-side applications.

The acquisition also opens up the opportunity for IKM Elektro to bid on larger projects with local expertise, for example, at Aker Stord, Aibel Haugesund, Westcon Ølen, and other significant players in the region. The company will explore possibilities for establishing storage of electrical equipment, similar to what they have in Sola. Furthermore, they are looking at expanding the workshop, having traveling personnel, and dedicated teams for project work.

Kristoffer Røssevold, CEO of IKM Elektro, expresses his delight in the acquisition and its significance for the company: "We have been working on the acquisition of Elektrodrift for a long time, and we are very pleased to finally have reached our goal. This gives us a strong position and a large market presence in Haugalandet, as well as increased flexibility between the workshops. Elektrodrift has an impressive amount of expertise that we can benefit from in our organization."

Jan Helge Sandnes, Workshop Manager in Sola, is also pleased that the acquisition has been completed: "Our desire and strategy to establish ourselves in the Haugesund area have always had high priority. Therefore, we are very positive about this being the solution. Electromechanical expertise is in demand, and the acquisition will strengthen us as a total supplier in this field."

For further information, please contact:
- Kristoffer Røssevold, CEO, IKM Elektro: +47 40 45 37 48, Kristoffer.Rossevold@IKM.no
- Jan Helge Sandnes, Workshop Manager, IKM Elektro: +47 41 41 81 88, JanHelge.Sandnes@IKM.no

About IKM Elektro:
IKM Elektro is a leading provider of electrical and automation services based in Norway. The company offers a wide range of services within electrical installation, automation, instrumentation, and maintenance. IKM Elektro serves various industries, including oil and gas, energy, marine, and fisheries. For more information, visit  https://www.ikm.no/ikm-elektro

About Elektrodrift AS:
Elektrodrift AS is a well-established company with 70 years of experience in the repair and sale of electric motors. The company is known for its expertise and certification as a workshop for work on Ex equipment. Elektrodrift serves a wide range of industries in Haugalandet and a larger geographic area. For more information, visit  www.elektro-drift.no