IKM Group acquires Ex-Tech Group

IKM Group today announces the acquisition of Ex-Tech Group AS, based in Forus. This acquisition also includes 100% of the shares in the operating company Ex-Tech System AS.

Ex-Tech logo

Ex-Tech Systems AS is a company engaged in the production, certification, and development of Ex components and systems. For more detailed information, please visit their website: www.ex-tech.no

The rationale behind this acquisition is to complement IKM Elektro’s existing focus on Ex services. By combining Ex-Tech’s expertise, we can offer a broader range of services in Ex maintenance, certification, production, and products. In addition to the more traditional Ex portfolio, Ex-Tech System also provides the market’s smallest certified sensor for monitoring Ex components in the field.

The acquisition brings several benefits and synergies for both companies. IKM Elektro gains access to a well-established workshop and skilled personnel, along with in-depth Ex competence. Together, the companies can offer an expanded product and service spectrum. Project collaboration becomes feasible, and IKM Elektro now has a dedicated production workshop for Ex equipment.

Furthermore, this acquisition opens up opportunities for IKM Elektro to bid on larger projects with local expertise and product deliveries. It also allows for the integration of digital solutions related to Ex inspections and preventive maintenance.

Kristoffer Røssevold, Managing Director at IKM Elektro, and the incoming Managing Director at Ex-Tech, expresses his joy regarding the acquisition and its significance for both companies: “IKM Elektro has heavily invested in Ex services in recent years. Being able to elevate this further by complementing our services with a company like Ex-Tech and their specialization will undoubtedly yield synergies. I am genuinely excited to commence collaboration with Ex-Tech and leverage the broad spectrum of expertise, services, and products that we can now jointly deliver to our customers.”

Ole Theodor Berthelsen, Department Manager at Ex-Tech, is also pleased that the acquisition has been completed: “Together with IKM, Ex-Tech gains a structure and support that will be crucial for us to continue the progress we have made in recent years, as well as to offer our customers a better and more comprehensive Ex solution. With the resources contributed by IKM, we have a solid foundation for further growth and increased presence with our customers. Notably, we believe that our certified sensors play a vital role in the digitalization of Ex inspection services.”

For further information, please contact:

  • Kristoffer Røssevold, Managing Director, IKM Elektro/Ex-Tech: +47 40 45 37 48, Kristoffer.Rossevold@IKM.no
  • Ole Theodor Berthelsen, Department Manager, Ex-Tech: +47 94 43 99 92, ole.theodor.berthelsen@ex-tech.no

About IKM Elektro:
IKM Elektro is a leading provider of electrical and automation services based in Sola, Norway. The company offers a wide range of services in electrical installation, automation, instrumentation, and maintenance. IKM Elektro serves various industries, including oil and gas, energy, marine, and renewables. For more information, visit www.ikm.no/ikm-elektro.

About Ex-Tech System AS:
Ex-Tech System AS is an established company with over 30 years of experience in the production, conversion, and certification of products for use in potentially explosive areas. The company is renowned for its expertise and approval as a workshop for work on Ex equipment. Ex-Tech System AS currently serves a broad spectrum of customers and delivers on several exciting projects.