IKM Testing awarded major contract at Tyra Redevelopment

Total E&P Danmark A/S has awarded IKM Testing a comprehensive contract on the Danish Continental Shelf. The contract has been won in strong international competition.

The contract includes cleaning and preparation for the removal of existing platforms and associated subsea pipelines. The contract will mainly be carried out in 2019 and parts of 2020. 

The project will be managed from IKM Testing’s Head Office at Sola, Norway. A large amount of equipment and personnel will be mobilized in Denmark during offshore operations. 

IKM Testing's contract is divided into three work packages:

  • Satellite Pipeline Flushing - All engineering, manpower, equipment and materials for removal of hydrocarbons in 11 off subsea pipelines. The work will be performed from dedicated Support Vessel. Pipeline dimensions are from 2" - 16", with lengths from 11 to 22 km. All satellite pipelines shall be reused for the field redevelopment.
  • Interfield Pipeline Flushing - All engineering, manpower, equipment and materials for removal of hydrocarbons in 8 off subsea interfield pipelines prior to disconnecting the risers on Tyra East and Tyra West, incomers from Harald and export to Gorm. The work will be performed from Tyra East and West. Pipeline dimensions are from 6" - 24", with lengths from 3 to 85 km. Some Interfield pipelines shall be reused for the field redevelopment.
  • Cleaning of Tyra East and Tyra West Topsides, a total of 9 installation - All engineering, manpower, equipment and materials required for steam cleaning of topside process equipment on Tyra East and Tyra West.

IKM Testing has had a framework agreement with Total E&P Danmark A / S (formerly Mærsk Olie og Gass) since 2000 and has performed testing, cleaning and inspection services on many shutdowns, but has never before been involved in such an extensive single project in the Danish North Sea. IKM Testing has been involved in all major decommissioning projects at Norwegian Continental Shelf and has gained solid expertise in safe decommissioning of installations. IKM Testing's continuous improvement work has resulted in safer, faster and more efficient methods of cleaning. This expertise will now be utilised in the international market.

Tyra development - IKM Testing

Picture: Gert Kruse, Contract Manager Total DK and Vidar Haugland, VP IKM Testing are both happy for signed Contract.  

It is gratifying for us to be shown great confidence in decommissioning projects. Cleaning related to removal of installations is a growing market both in Norway and internationally. This contract is a solid strengthening of our established customer relationship with Total DK. 
“We are very pleased with Total DK trusting us with this award and acknowledgment of our expertise in de- and re-commissioning services. We look forward to a close cooperation and contribution to Total Tyra Future Project ”, says Vidar Haugland, Vice President - IKM Testing AS.

Tyra Re-development project

The Tyra field in the Danish North Sea will over the next few years go through extensive upgrading, which includes the removal of existing platforms and connecting new platforms to existing infrastructure. Removing existing installations is divided into four phases: 
Phases 1 and 2: These phases consists of Tyra West B, C and D with associated walkways and Tyra East B, C, D and E with associated walkways. 
Phases 3 and 4: Removal of Tyra East A and Tyra West A.

Tyra re-development project

New platforms to be placed on existing jackets that are extended by 10 meters. New installations are distributed over two field centers. Each field center will consist of stand-alone process, drilling and living platforms.