IKM Testing invests in preservation

- Agreement signed with Rig-Tech Solutions

IKM Testing satser på preservering – inngår avtale med Rig-Tech Solutions

Picture: From left, Glenn Sinnes (IKM Testing), Kristian Høvring (Rig-Tech Solutions), Vidar Haugland (IKM Testing).

IKM Testing is boosting efforts in Preservation Services for further growth. Experienced personnel are both internally allocated and recruited externally. This work is managed by newly hired project manager Glenn Sinnes, who has a background from many years in the field of Preservation from Bilfinger and most recently from Presserv.

As part of this strategic commitment, IKM Testing has signed an agreement with Rig-Tech Solutions. Rig-Tech Solutions is a distributor of a number of products within corrosion preventative and protective materials for extending equipments life time. The most well-known brands in Rig-Tech Solutions portfolio are Zerust® and Viscotaq. 

Equipment for the offshore industry is stored and operated in challenging environments, and damage due to corrosion is a major problem. There are major economic and environmental benefits of extending the life of equipment by properly performing preservation and corrosion protection with the right products.

IKM Testing is engaged in most major development projects within the offshore industry and has long-term framework agreements with Operators and Contractors on the Norwegian shelf. Our experienced management team and field technicians can provide the full turnkey engineered solution for Preservation to the industry including preparing of preservation manuals, delivery of anti-rust products and execution of preservation both onshore and offshore.

«Our clear strategic commitment to Preservation services will strengthen us as a more complete supplier to our existing and new customers. We will be able to take a larger position in new market segments, both in Norway and Internationally. Within that growth strategy, we have chosen Rig-Tech Solutions to join us and we look forward to the collaboration.” says Vidar Haugland, Vice President - IKM Testing AS.

«The agreement with IKM Testing is important to us. We are proud to enter into such an agreement with such a large player as IKM Testing. They have a high level of expertise with large projects in the offshore industry, and have long-term agreements with several of the most important players in this industry. We look forward to supporting their commitment to becoming a complete supplier for both their existing and new customers» says Kristian Høvring, Global BD Manager – Preservation – Rig-Tech Solution

For more information: Silje.Nyman@IKM.no

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