Last minute alert fleet 77

Last minute alert fleet 77

Inmarsat has announced the End-of-life for their long-running Fleet77 service

Inmarsat has announced the End-of-life for their long-running Fleet77 service by 1 December 2020. This will affect users of their L-band correction signal, not to be confused with L-band service. This signal is fed into the Dynamic Positioning (DP) system’s GPS to increase the accuracy. It is a vital signal, and ship owners will need to source an alternative to the Fleet77 L-band signal.

A very good option is the Sailor Fleet BroadBand FBB 250/500 Inmarsat service. It is a world-wide service with the same coverage as Inmarsat C.

Key features:
- Internet
- Telephony
- Background IP connection
- Streaming IP
- ISDN 64kbps
- Telephony and data simultaneously
- Remote Access to the terminal and on board systems
- Local Exchange – up to 16 IP Handsets 
- L-band correction signal for GPS (subscriber service)

It provides the customer with voice, data and L-band corrections, and can act as a backup for the vessels V-sat system, offering voice and data signals if the V-sat system fails. The FBB 250/500 offer a solid 284/432 kbps data speed, more then enough to keep a mail service running, and a local phone exchange with 16 channels.

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