Special motors

The list below is a small sample of all the bespoke motors we have made for special applications over the years, in close collaboration with our customers.

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Permanent Magnet Motor for 6000 V

Our customer requested a motor optimized for minimal current to minimize the losses in their long umbilical cable. The result was a 200 kW servomotor with an IPM rotor running at 6000 VAC. The motor features a almost unity power factor and an efficiency exceeding 97%. We have also supplied the driveline for this motor.

Commisioning of medium voltage subsea servomotor.


Permanent Magnet Generator, water-filled

Our customer requested a very robust and reliable generator that can be installed in rivers to supply clean and reliable power to rural communities with minimal maintenance. Our response is a 32-pole permanent magnet direct-drive generator with low rotational speed. The air-gap of this machine is water-filled since both the stator and rotor are fully encapsulated.

Generator on river turbine


Downhole motor, outer runner

Our customer requested a high-temperature rated motor with a stationary center stator and an outer runner rotor to suit their downhole tool.

Kit of motor parts


Motor for high thrust forces

Our customer requires a subsea motor where the impeller of the driven pump can be directly installed on the motor's axle. It is therefore exposed to high both radial and axial forces and features therefore a special bearing arrangement. The motor's nominal ratings are 300 kW and 4500 VAC. A oil-circulation pump is embedded in the motor design for cooling.

Motor with thrust bearing

The image shows one of these motors that has been serviced at our facilities after years in operation.


Motor embedded in pressure-control equipment, ATEX

Our customer requires a motor that can be part of the barrier of petroleum wells and installed in hazardous areas, for their well control skid. The result is a motor with dual certification; both API 6A (5 kpsi) and ATEX (zone 1). The motor housing is made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel motor housing

The image shows one of these motors that has been serviced at our facilities after years in operation.