Subsea Motors

Our range of standard subsea motors is based on our long history of incremental improvements, reliable solutions, and feedback from demanding customers.

Subsea motor

Many applications require a robust subsea motor coupled to one or two pumps. We have supplied such motors to a wide range of customers over many years. These motors are extensively field proven and have therefore a Technology Readiness Level of 7 (out of 7) according to API 17N.

The standard motors are oil filled and have four poles. Their power ranges from 2 to 400 kW. Most of these can be supplied for voltages between 400 and 4160 V. We review the cooling performance and requirements of all new designs and integrate special compensating measures when required.

The housing material is typically seawater resistant aluminum but we have also designs with housings in stainless steel, titanium, and super duplex. Typical options include connectors, mechanical seals, and embedded sensors.

We often integrate a motor monitoring card for predictive maintenance of the motors. The monitoring card reports real-time rotational speed, winding temperature, bearing temperatures, voltage, humidity, and vibration levels over either Ethernet or RS-485.

Monitoring card


Our motors can be fitted with advanced sealing technologies and magnetic couplers for permanent installations subsea, according to API 17X and API 17F. We typically do these projects in close collaboration with our customer to combine the motor and the driven load into one package and subsea system.


Standard motor sizes


Table of typical standard subsea motor sizes.
Outer diameter of housingPowerTorque
150 mm1 - 3 kW1 - 20 Nm
165 mm2 - 5 kW10 - 30 Nm
180 mm5 - 10 kW25 - 55 Nm
205 mm8 - 12 kW45 - 70 Nm
240 mm12 - 18 kW65 - 100 Nm
280 mm20 - 50 kW110 - 280 Nm
340 mm60 - 120 kW300 - 680 Nm
385 mm110 - 150 kW600 - 840 Nm
420 mm150 - 300 kW840 - 1700 Nm
470 mm250 - 400 kW1400 - 2250 Nm

Please contact us for datasheets, CAD-models, and quotations for these motors.