IPCO Plug Instalation set, Range10-30 mm.


IPCO PLUG are used in heat exchangers to maintain a safe and leak-tight seal under the most severe conditions. The plugs are used in leaking tubes or as a preventive seal. The plugs are characterized by the simple, quick, and especially safe installation, and by the extreme durable character of the system.

The Testing Gun set is used to find leaking heat exchangers tubes quickly and easy. It reveals even the smallest tube leak (pinholes). With the Tube Testing Gun set you can pneumatically test from 3 – 10 tubes pr. min. all with significantly less operator fatigue and greater operator safety. The set comes complete with three rod and tube assemblies to test tubes from 7,2 – 32,5 mm. ID.

9000450,-451,-452 - IPCO Pipeline Equipment

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