Regained Production: Calcium Carbonate Scale

On-line descaling: Correcting production loss without interfering with daily production.

Technology: CIAS (Corrosion Inhibited Anti-Scale) Customer: A major oil operator, using the on-line technology offshore.

The Challenge:
Reduced and costly oil production

Loss of efficiency in sensitive oil production assets was the challenge causing the customer to start the descaling project. Scale has built up in hydrocyclones with a negative effect on process performance, a reduced flow, and an increased pressure drop.

Alternative Solutions
The common method used to perform descaling includes shutting down systems. Consequently, production is reduced for the prolonged time of cleaning the systems.

The Solution:
CIAS: On-Line Technology

The project pursues avoidance of production loss by descaling the hydrocyclones in place. The descaling reduces the internal corrosion rate; and it does so on-line while the daily production continues. The on-line method ensures the customer to follow the positive effect of  increase of the production efficiency.

The Result:

  • Shorter cleaning period
  • Effective cleaning
  • No production loss
  • Life-time extending
  • Reduced costs of maintenance

Customer Statement

”Hi All,
We have finished standard acid job on XXX hydrocyclones on 31st of July. We have performed OiW analysis prior to start of the job and right after.
Bear in mind that cyclone V-5013 is out of service, hence not included. Result of acid treatment has improved the efficiency of our cyclones and biggest gains can be seen on V-5016 and V-5015.
There is also a significant reduction in pressure drop over the HP hydrocyclones“.

IKM Ocean Team ReferencesA snapshot of the graphs showing the pressure drop referred to in the customer statement.