Chemical Cleaning

Removal of organic & inorganic contamination.

IKM Ocean Team has developed equipment, methods, and technologies that efficiently clean a wide variety of systems.

Through many years of experience IKM Ocean Team built up a unique knowledge about which chemicals to use in which situations. We are constantly testing new chemicals that are more efficient and environmental friendly and we constantly apply a careful selection of chemicals used in the services. When you choose IKM Ocean Team as your cleaning partner, you can be sure to have the best possible solution for you, your system, and the environment.

Cleaning of Live Systems
Many of our technologies can be used for “live-systems” without having to stop production. We clean the systems chemically using a controlled process based on careful measurement of the contamination type. Our chemical cleaning systems preserve the pipes, prevent new 
deposits from forming and prevent onset of corrosion.

Oil 9 Chemical Cleaning
An example of an asset inside before chemical cleaning.

Oil 9 Chemical Cleaning
An example of an asset inside after chemical cleaning.

Areas of Use

  • Produced Water Systems
  • Closed Cooling Water Systems
  • Seawater Cooling Systems
  • Black Water Systems (vacuum toilets)
  • Grey Water Systems
  • Flow Lines
  • Drains and Pipes
  • Vessels
  • Coolers and Heat Exchangers

What Kind of Fouling Deposits are Causing Trouble in Your Process System?

Let IKM Ocean Team give you the answer along with a solution on how to remove the problems from your system and avoid them in the future.