Chemical Cleaning of Plate Heat Exchanger

A plate heat exchanger might seem like a low priority item, yet it has great impact in a system.

When a plate heat exchanger is cut out, it often become an urgent matter to get it back in to production.

Routine Check
Both cut outs on location and the manufacturers routine service check of the their customer’s plate heat exchangers contribute to more cleaning tasks by IKM Ocean Team. Our workshop take care of all leak testing as well as chemical and mechanical cleaning. Chemical cleaning plate heat exchangers
A routine check reveals the need for chemical cleaning.

The result is as a rule a plate heat exchanger with an increased effectivity which has gone from zero to full power. 

IKM Ocean Team Welcome Urgent Tasks
Our One-Stop-Shop is always ready when urgent matters occur. The required technicians are flexible 24 hours a day, enabling the possibility to acute purifications on workdays and weekends. Great experience leads to a routine in picking out and mixing the chemical cleansers in a pace that effectively fits our customer’s needs and deadlines.  Chemical cleaning plate heat exchangers
Conditions before chemical cleaning. Plate heat exchanger strongly affected by mussels, snails and other types of marine fouling.

Chemical cleaning plate heat exchangers
Asset after chemical cleaning, ready for improved production.

The Alternative Calls for a Long-Term Prioritisation 
It might be cost effective to order a new heat exchanger instead of cleaning the used one. The time of delivery though, is often long and uncertain. The alternative is for that reason not sustainable when dealing with urgency. 

Chemical 7 Chemical cleaning of plate heat exchanger
Example of a plate heat exchanger. It uses seawater for cooling of the process water used in production.

The heat exchangers are removed from production in turns and cleaned… saving both time and expenses in relation to the mechanical cleaning method.