De-Scaling of Calcium Carbonates

- the root of major challenges in many technical systems, e.g. oil extraction processes.

Scale often builds up in SSSV's in wells and master, wing and choke valves on X-mas trees. It also commonly occurs in flow lines, produced water systems, separators, flair drums, hydro-cyclones, coolers, heat exchangers, cooling water systems etc. 

The Negative Effects of Scale
Scale negatively affects process performance by reducing flow, increasing pressure drop, impairing heat transfer or, in the worst case, causing blockades and corrosion or leaks. 
Oil production is thus considerably reduced and, eventually, shutdown becomes unavoidable. 

De-Scaling of Live Systems
IKM Ocean Team has great knowledge and experience with de-scaling of live process and cooling systems. 

The cleaning process hereby do not require production shutdown. This is a huge advantage compared to conventional chemical cleaning methods, which require shutdown during cleaning. 


  • No production loss
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Improved system efficiency and reliability
  • Clean-In-Place technology

Chemical 4 Descaling of calcium carbonates
Before and after IKM Ocean Team de-scaling og calcium carbonates.

Chemical 4 Descaling of calcium carbonates
Production asset after de-scaling calcium carbonates.

De-scaling without Shutdown

IKM Ocean Team is able to execute de-scaling of live systems saving customers from expensive production losses.