Passivation before Preservation

IKM Ocean Team guides clients in the profitable choice of preservation or passivation.

Especially, after chemical cleaning, HP water jetting, or hydrostatic pressure testing, it is important to dry the system and to ensure the prevention of contamination and oxidation (corrosion). 

The importance of Passivation
If a system cannot be put into operation immediately, or if the pre-cleaned pipes and components have to be stored for an indefinite period, IKM Ocean Team can pacify and preserve the system using various technologies depending on the application.

In some applications, it is beneficial to pressurize the system with nitrogen (careful monitoring is, however, necessary). In other applications, IKM Ocean Team have had great success with Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs), which also provide metal surfaces with excellent protection, preventing corrosion for many years. 

VCIs are chemicals that are applied directly to the product needing protection. They are designed to create an invisible barrier, keeping moisture at bay. VCI molecules mount themselves to the metal surface, forming a thin, invisible film only a few molecules thick.

Passivation method Depends on several Impacts
Which passivation method to use depends on the product, material, situation, or storage conditions etc. IKM Ocean Team guides you to an advantageously option that preserve the product relative to the time period desired.

Chemical 8 Passivation before preservation
Examples of residues of assets inside. Assets must be purified before preservation and passivation.

Chemical 8 Passivation before preservation
Materials after chemical cleaning are ready for preservation and passivation.

Chemical 8 Passivation before preservation
Sealing disrupts penetration and subseqently internal oxidation.

Meet Your Demands
Let IKM Ocean Team help you choose the best passivation method before preservation.