An Independent Opinion

Unbiased diagnosis and consultancy services.

A world leading company in the safety marine industry needed a third party troubleshooting to avoid a biased recommendation for added purchase by the supplier. IKM Ocean Team documented a second opinion to the customer as specialists in hydraulics for more than 30 years.

Our client started up a year-long development project with an international supplier: hydraulic management of automated launch systems. The newly developed equipment was planned to differentiate the customer’s range of services. Testing the equipment on arrival, it failed; and that with negative consequences for the client’s competitive strategy.

A conflict of interest occurred between the client and their supplier. The former IKM Ocean Team was invited in, filling a mentor role. As such, IKM Ocean Team was granted access to P&ID’s, component descriptions, and access to the physical system.

IKM Ocean Team References
Excerpt of technical diagram.

Client’s Solution
Using the former IKM Ocean Team in-house experience, +32 years of specialized knowledge allowed trouble shooting based on reading technical diagrams, symbol comprehension, and knowhow on flow directions. The former IKM Ocean Team in-house experts read the system construction, analyzed its functions and recorded system deviations. Amongst the findings were inappropriate component selections: Some were too sensitive and expensive relative to their desired function, and some components were wrongfully chosen.

Client’s Result
The collection of the independent second opinion from the former IKM Ocean Team resulted in an evaluation of the appropriate design of the system. In effect, the former IKM Ocean Team recommended a construction of the system ensuring optimized cost relative to safe and efficient operation.

IKM Ocean Team References
Hydraulic motor for tensioning systems.

The prototype was re-fitted to operate safely, while appropriate components will be used on future systems. The second opinion resulted in immediate operation of the system and a future optimized model, regarding both costs and operation to desired safety level.

Diagnosis and Consultancy
The former IKM Ocean Team experienced Experts offered consultancy in the fields of engineering, commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning, of fluid transfer systems.

IKM Ocean Team References
Instrumentation of hydraulic system