Meet the Multiskilled Workforce at IKM Ocean Team

IKMĀ Ocean Team offer proficient and multiskilled Supervisors and Technicians.

Our multiskilled workforce are well-trained and have an outstanding amount of knowledge. 

Offering customized solutions within purification methods, according to our customers’ needs, has been an important goal right from the beginning in 1995. 

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Multiskilled Supervisors and Technicians apply their knowledge on entire system interactions to install a sustained and cost-effective solution.

One-Stop Shop
IKM Ocean Team offer solutions according to our costumers needs in a one-stop shop. Our goal is to provide the best package solutions within our core competences of specialized cleaning of technical fluid carrying systems.

One-Stop Shop:

“A self-contained office or outlet that provides (almost) everything needed to satisfy a customer order or request, complete a process (such as borrowing), or fulfill a requirement (such as information)”.

IKM Ocean Team is well-known for our great service from root cause analysis and project planning to execution and after service. We are here from the beging of a process to the end.

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Our Technicians are known for thinking out of the box and sees opportunities more than limitations.

Definition of multi-skilled labor

  • Trained and skilled in more technical systems and their interactions.
  • Flexibility in personnel planning, as technicians may replace each other.
  • Workers moves with the workload rather than waiting for work to come to them, which provides less downtime.
  • The company can operate with a reduced number of employees, which will reduce labor costs.
  • Possibility to target on the needs of the costumers and not the capabilities of the staff.
  • The workforce is used to adapting to changes, and have a high learning capability. 

Multiskilled Workforce
To provide a one-stop shop we offer a well-qualified multiskilled workforce. We only employ multidisciplinary Technicians and Supervisors, who are able to handle projects, which may change along the way. Our service team consists of people with the necessary knowledge and with collaboration between professional groups, as a crucial point. As a result, whether it is coating, heavy lifting, cleaning tasks, oil flushing, mechanical tasks, or a combination, we bring together a team that can manage the whole project. Our Technicians are known for thinking out of the box and sees opportunities more than limitations. As a consequence, every project will be taken care of in a professional and proactive manner, in addition to be solved with an exceptional quality at eye.