Boiler Lost at Sea

All motors stopped due to Excessive amount of salt water in the diesel.

When a motor vessel was adrift on the Mediterranian Sea, IKM Ocean Team reduced down-time and ensured an efficient future operation.

2009; a motor vessel was afloat on the Mediterranean Sea. A motor stop on all four motors, in the immediate period up to this moment, led to an uncontrollable vessel. The Italian coastguard pulled the boat to Sicily. IKM Ocean Team was hired due to our good reputation.

Diesel Plague
It turned out the diesel motor contained too much water: Normally water condensate drains off via valves. In this case, the amount of water caused the crew repeatedly to change filters to the degree where no more filters were available, accidentally while in high seas; Sailing without filters destroy nozzles.

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Filterhouse demounted for cleaning.

The amount of water was not only due to freshwater condensate. Volumes of seawater had gained access to the bottom tanks. The mixture of salty water environment and diesel provided an excellent growth media for bacteria, spreading diesel pest to the system of settling tanks, nozzles, and day tanks: The diesel plague area escalated disproportionately.

IKM Ocean Team conducted samples of the tank water and checked for bacteria growth, having established an on-site laboratory sufficiently giving the needed answers.

Quality Work Ensures Fuel Economy
All tanks were drained off at the same time: Four bottom tanks, four settling tanks, and two daily tanks inclusive related nozzles, pumps, and pipes. The latter replaced, and the tanks mechanically cleaned followed by a steam cleaning. Details, as making sure of absolutely dryness in all corners, ensure a high quality work. After refilling of diesel, a biocide treatment started.

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Bacterial Growth in the Filter House

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Inner Core of a Poluted Filter

From the point of time where the motor vessel floated on the Mediterranean Sea to they were fully operational, a period of fourteen days had gone by, whereof IKM Ocean Team had cleaned the system in three days. Sailing off, the fuel economy proved more efficient than before the motor stop.