Ultrasonic Cleaning of 260 Separator Dishes

Ultra clean surface means everything, while performing ceramic coating.

IKM Ocean Team were to clean 260 dirty centrifugal separator dishes until they matched the highest standard of cleanliness prior to efficiency improving them with a ceramic coating. The dishes are applied in stacks by separation of oil and water during oil production. 

Dirty oil runs downward towards the separator and then back up through the dish holes. To avoid this dirt from sticking to the surface and limit the production, it is obligatory to ceramic coat them. A ceramic coating though, is only performed if the dishes are completely free of fat, grease, particles, and chemistry. The cleaner the centrifuge is, the faster and more efficient it will help separate oil and water. IKM Ocean Team offer grand expertise and experience in cleaning gently, without damaging a fragile surfaces.

Alternative Cleaning Methods
It is not easy to find the immediate and most environmentally friendly cleaning solution capable of dissolving dirt as small as the tiniest µ without a subsequent necessary mechanical cleaning. It will both take time and the result is often not satisfactory. Sandblasting will damage the dishes to a degree, and a ceramic coating is not possible.

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Separator; The dirty oil moves downwards towards the separator and back up through the dish holes and can easily stick to all surfaces.

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Example of dishes ready to be cleaned and placed in a bath waiting for the
ultrasound to be applied. 

Ultrasonic – Gentle, environmentally friendly and effective
The ultrasonic cleaning method does not affect the environment nor does it damage the dish’s surface. The principle is simple. The technical component is placed in a bath where ultrasound is applied, generating mechanical vibrations which release the dirt from components. Simple, logical and extremely effective. The entire process is environmental friendly, as the fluid is biodegradable and all impurities gather in the fluid. 

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Before: Example of dish before the ultrasonic cleaning actions were taken. The dish was coated in fat, grease, particles and residue chemicals. 

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After: The environmental friendly and effective cleaning has removed all unwanted paricles and grease.