Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Service

Hydraulic bolt tensioning service is handled fast and safe, minimizing both cost and downtime.

By using bolt tensioners and linking hoses, we can tension or loosen all studs simultaneously from the safety of the operator console at the pump unit. From here, it is also possible to speed up the process, eliminatie pinch point injuries and ensure precise and equally distributed clamping pressure. Additionally, the risk of work-related injuries during flange make-up or break-out will dramatically reduce.

IKM Ocean Team offer a thorough bolt tensioning service that covers most applications. Our technicians have many years of bolt tensioning experience and have a complete collection of bolt tensioning equipment as part of IKM Ocean Teams One-Stop-Shop.

Our Bolt Tensioning Service Includes: 

  • Well handled, fast and safe methods.
  • A minimization of both cost & downtime.
  • Pre-job evaluation.
  • Safety overview.
  • Final job report including tensioning certificate.

Mechanical 10 Htdraulic Bolt Tensioning
Bolt tensioning at IKM Ocean Team in-house workshop.

“GREAT OUTCOME, FAST and SAFE method of bolting.”