Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

A certified procedure verifies that fluid pressure vessels do not leak or have manufacturing flaws.

Testing High and Low Pressure Systems
Hydrostatic pressure testing of pressure vessels is crucial for safety and durability under operating pressure. However, our hydrostatic pressure testing method is also capable of identifying leaks in low-pressure vessels and equipment such as pipes and plumbing. 

Added Value
In many projects where IKM Ocean Team are responsible for oil flushing, chemical cleaning or PVI (Pressure Vessel Inspection), our customers also ask us to perform hydrostatic pressure testing since identical work installation is required and cost savings thus can be obtained.Mechanical 7 Related mechanical services
Work performed in IKM Ocean Team's workshop.

Easy Certification
All hydrostatic pressure testing procedures and documentation produced by IKM Ocean Team are in a format suitable for submission to the relevant certification authority. 

Projects Customized to Client
Tasks for which IKM Ocean Team is responsible are always performed in accordance with customer requirements and IKM Ocean Team's safety guidelines and procedures.