PVI - Pressure Vessel Inspection

Maintaining our one-stop-shop services.

IKM Ocean Team is involved from beginning to the end during a Pressure Vessel Inspection. Our team assures that the equipment meets all declarations. The pressure vessel will, most likely, be returned in a condition that, as a rule, matches a newly purchased vessel. 

Pressure vessel maintenance is required in preparation for restoring to the original commission conditions, safe operations and to prolong the vessels’s longevity without running in to fatal problems. 

Various factors worsen the equipment condition. Primarily, we experience mechanical issues, process and corrosion problems, as well as repair work that needs planned and performed under close supervision.  

IKM Ocean Team’s One-Stop-Shop crew release our customers from related worries while the pressure vessel is cared for. When a task seems immense, IKM Ocean Team provides the expertise, the overview, and the right network, and handle any pressure vessel that arrives.  
 Mechanical 2 PVI

The Process from Product Delivery until Product Return is Simple:

  1. Condition check at reception stage 
  2. Product separation and cleaning 
  3. Thorough error and condition diagnosing 
  4. Collecting various offers from subcontractors 
  5. Damage repair 
  6. Quality control 
  7. Gathering
  8. Pressure test 
  9. Complete documentation folder in accordance with rules and standards

Mechanical 2 PVI

Mechanical 2 PVI

The pressure vessel will, most likely, be returned in a condition that, as a rule, matches a newly purchased one”