Barzan Gas Project, Qatar

Lube Oil Flushing of 48 Systems

The IKM Ocean Team client saved 1,400 working days purifying 300,000 liters of lubrication oil due to work method improvements when customized .

IKM Ocean Team Contributes to the Society
The $10 bn Barzan Gas Project in Qatar is set to start in 2016 with full output expected in 2017. The project is developed by a joint venture of Qatargas and Exxon Mobil, which
appointed RasGas as the project manager and as responsible for operating the plant once it is in service.

This Qatar-to-Qatar project is a powerful step forward in fuelling Qatar’s overall industrial and human development, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Contracting for JGC, Japan
The Barzan offshore platform is located 80 kilometers NorthEast of Ras Laffan Industrial City. While offshore facilities have been completed by Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea, onshore facilities are being constructed by JGC of Japan.

Production Output
Train 1 & Train 2 are expected to produce around 1.4 billion standard cubic feet a day (bcfd) of sales gas. Barzan onshore project will produce about 22,000 barrels per day (bpd) of field condensate, 6,000 bpd of plant condensate, 34,000 bpd of ethane, and 10,500 bpd of propane and 7,500 bpd of butane.

Technological Advanced Project
IKM Ocean Team worked onshore on one of the largest and most technologically advanced gas projects in the region. The massive gas project in Qatar employed up to 20,000 people in the construction works. The project site covered about three square kilometers.

IKM Ocean Team Qatar was awarded the lube oil flushing contract of 48 systems comprising mainly of Start-up Blowers, Recycle Compressors, Steam Turbines, C3 Refrigerant Compressors and Residue Gas Compressor & Gas Turbines.

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Aerial View – Barzan Onshore Plant

IKM Ocean Team prepared Method Statements and mobilized the required equipment and qualified personnel. The flushing skids consisted of high flow pumps, electric heater units, and duplex filter units. Mesh screens were installed at various points in the supply and return lines of the lube oil systems to trap foreign objects. These screens were checked with regular intervals to monitor the purity of the lube oil.

Benefits for The Client
Besides using conventional oil flushing methods for turbine and compressor lubricating oil systems, IKM Ocean Team developed and implemented a number of significant improvements to the flushing process during the project, thereby decreasing the flushing time significantly.

System Reliability, Extended Life at Reduced Cost
The LubriCARE program is a perfect example of IKM Ocean Team's innovative capabilities to continually develop new methods for better results to the benefit of our customers.

The LubriCARE program equals reduced flush time and increased level of oil purity classes. For our customers this means higher system reliability, extended system and component lifetime and considerable cost savings due to reduced maintenance and repair costs and less production losses.

Contributing to the National Vision
Once completed, a major portion of the Barzan gas production will be used by the power and desalination sectors, enabling them to utilise clean-burning natural gas to support several of Qatar’s new projects underway. Ethane produced from the plant will be used as a feedstock for the growing Qatari petrochemical industry

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Gas Inlet and Process area - Barzan Onshore Project

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Utility Area - Barzan Onshore Project