LubriCARE for Turbine Hydraulic & Lube Oil Systems

Significant improvements to the conventional flushing process.

The LubriCARE program is a perfect example of IKM Ocean Team’s innovative capabilities to continually develop new methods for better results to the benefit of our customers.

Customer Benefits
The end results of our LubriCARE program are reduced flush time and increased level of cleanliness. For our customers this means higher system reliability, extended system and component lifetime and considerable cost savings with both reduced maintenance and repair costs and less production losses.

Oil 9 Lubricare for turbine hydraulic & lube oil systems

Areas of Use
IKM Ocean Team’s LubriCARE program is used within the area of:

  • Turbine and compressor lube oil cleaning.
  • Lube oil cooler cleaning.
  • Umbilical and control line cleaning.
  • Turbine varnish clean-up.
  • Vacuum dehydration cleaning.
  • Offline oil filtration.
  • Wind turbine oil cleaning and oil change in gear and hydraulic systems.
  • Bacteria/microorganism cleanup.

“Avoid Failures - Clean Your Systems”
Did you know, that 80% of all failures in fluid transfer systems are due to contamination?

Oil 9 Lubricare for turbine hydraulic & lube oil systems