Total Purity Solutions on Diesel Plague

-Customized to the most efficient method.

As a part of the IKM Ocean Team Oil Care Program, removal of diesel plague is performed on site. Diesel plague passes several development stages from oily surfaces in tanks to sludge growth blocking pipes and filters containing fine fibers in a blackish brown mass.

Water in Oil
A water free environment does not contain any risk of microorganisms developing diesel plague. Water might be found in the systems due to condensate occurring by temperature fluctuations in the system or due to a misty environment when bunkering.Oil 13 Total purity solution on diesel plague

Bacterial Growth
A case of diesel plague may increase the wear on injection nozzles and the consumption of filters, and even reach the severity of discharging off the diesel avoiding the risk of contamination to the entire system including costs of repairs to motors. IKM Ocean Team determines the severity of the plague; the mass and type of bacteria are measured and localized on site.
Diesel plague is created by an anaerobe microorganism living of the carbon content in diesel and multiplying in water. The result is recognized as various types of bacterial and fungal growth.
Oil 13 Total purity solution on diesel plague

Customized Oil Care
IKM Ocean Team is specialized in cleaning technical systems ensuring pipes and filters perform optimally. The cleaning might be performed in confined spaces, in ATEX environments, or the like.

Typically, a chemical biocide will be injected and an online system filtering might be started, followed by a mechanical cleaning. Each case is evaluated and the right solution is customized to the client’s solution.

Avoid Downtime - Clean-Up your System
On diesel plague cases, a chemical solution with or without filtering, and mechanical cleaning is customized to the client.