Trend Health Check & Monitoring Program

In-depth Fluid Condition Analysis at Laboratory

A thorough monitoring program is essential for an efficient preventive maintenance of your system.

Our program detects even the smallest changes in the health of your system at a very early stage, which will enable you to take action before the changes causes interruptions within the production.

Oil10 Trend health check& monitoring Program

We Complete the Circle

  1. On-site Oil Sampling: Assistance with representative oil sampling in accordance to standards: ISO 4021, ISO 4407, ISO 3722, NAS 1638 and AS 4059.
  2. In-depth Analysis at Laboratory: Execution of a wide range of both routine and special analysis tests. Read more about the content of different analysis packages on the following pages.
  3. Trend Analysis & Trouble Shooting: Test results are saved in a database enabling us to perform trend analyses for each unique system. Any deviations from the normal trend curve will immediately be identified and followed up by a trouble shooting process in order to identify, what is causing these divergent test results.
  4. Recommenced Action Plan: Consultation of recommended further actions, which will spare you for unnecessary shutdowns and production loss.
  5. On-site Execution of Recommended Actions: Not only do we recommend a problem solving action plan and use differentiating technologies. We also offer to complete your circle by executing the agreed actions and hereby eliminate those trouble making factors in your system.

One-Stop-Service Program

Oil10 Trend health check& monitoring Program