Chemical Cleaning: Generator Coolers

Removal of organic & inorganic contaminations.

IKM Ocean Team has developed equipment, methods and technologies that efficiently purifies a wide variety of systems including coolers for generators and converters in modern wind turbines.

Life extension of wind turbines to benefit for the wind farm owners is a core business for IKM Ocean Team. Purifying and conservation of generator coolers is included. Keeping the recommended temperature in generators and converters is significant for the power output and avoiding need for non-scheduled service in the wind season.

Wind 13 Chemical Cleaning - Generator Coolers
On-site chemical cleaning.

Benefits of prober Temperature in your Generator

  • Securing maximum production in the wind season.
  • Extended lifetime for the cooling liquids inhibitors.
  • Avoiding non-scheduled service and break down.
  • Reduced risks for fire by overheating.
  • Services can be scheduled out of the wind season.

Related Services
Analysis of inhibitors and additives in cooling liquids, mechanical services for retrofit, and upgrades for improved performance are also a part of the service package provided by IKM Ocean Team specialists.

Wind 13 Chemical Cleaning - Generator Coolers
In-house laboratory work ensures a purified job delivered.

Wind 13 Chemical Cleaning - Generator Coolers
Example of impurities found in operating systems.

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