IKM Ocean Team Windcare

A part of IKM Ocean Team

Total purity in your fluid systems is our business!

IKM Ocean Team Windcare is your international partner within specialised cleaning of technical and fluid transfer systems on- and offshore.

One-Stop-Shopping Service for Wind Turbines
IKM Ocean Team Windcare offers a unique service package:

  • Oil exchange - competitive prices and terms
  • Exchange, refilling and filtering cooler liquids
  • Chemical cleaning and/or flushing systems (gear, hydraulic, coolers)
  • Re-greasing bearings by new patented method
  • Optimizing and re-designing existing fluid system
  • Technical consulting in liquids and fluid systems

Wind 1 IKM Ocean Windcare Wind 1 IKM Ocean Windcare
Wind 1 IKM Ocean Windcare Wind 1 IKM Ocean Windcare
Thanks to our many years of experience and extended know-how, we are experts in developing customized solutions, meeting the unique needs of our customers. 

We identify the best and most efficient cleaning methods of your specific system, ensuring you a quick and safe way to a clean system and saving you both time and money due to higher efficiency, longer system life and reduced risks of break downs.

  • Clean-in-Place solutions (CIP)
  • 24 hours emergency service
  • Equipment approved for operation in safe and hazardous areas (zone 1 and 2 offshore)

Cost of Energy in Focus
Optimizing services, reducing standby time and extending the life time, supports the wind industrys efforts for reduced costs of energy!