IKM Ocean Team Windcare

Experts in Servicing Fluid Carrying Systems and Components

One-Stop-Shopping Service for Wind Turbines
IKM Ocean Team Windcare offers a unique service package:

  • Oil exchange in gearboxes and hydraulic systems
  • Exchange, refilling, and filtering cooler liquids
  • Rinsing or flushing systems (gear, hydraulic, coolers)
  • Chemical or mechanical cleaning of fluid systems
  • Grease replenish in bearings by patented method
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of parts and components
  • Analysis of oil, grease, cooler liquids, etc.
  • Workshop activities for OEMs and windfarm operators
  • Optimizing and re-designing existing fluid system
  • Technical consulting in liquids and fluid systems

Wind 2 Experts in servicing fluidcarrying systems
Unique technologies supports strategies for reduced cost of energy.

IKM Ocean Team Windcare keeps your fluid carrying systems in great shape, extending life time and reducing risks of break downs. All optimizing your output. 

Our experienced wind team carry out know-how, identify the best and most efficient cleaning methods for a quick and safe way to clean and refill your system. Saving you both time and money due to higher efficiency, longer system life, and reduced risks of breakdowns. 

Wind 2 Experts in servicing fluidcarrying systems
Our multiskilled service team is continually updated with internal training.

Outcome of Services by IKM Ocean Team Windcare
Your benefits of a proactive maintenance strategy are:

  • Supporting lubrication of oil and grease
  • Keeping flow rates in accordance with specifications
  • Ensuring functions of valves, brakes, cylinders, etc.
  • Lowered working temperatures reducing risks of fire
  • Extending inhibitors’ and additives’ life time
  • Keeping preservation for pipes and components etc.

All supporting longer life time and reduced costs for the complete system.

Wind 2 Experts in servicing fluidcarrying systems
IKM Ocean Team services fluid carrying systems in the nacelle.

Cost of Energy in Focus
Optimizing services, reducing standby time and extending the life time, supports the wind industry's efforts for reduced costs of energy!