SOCOT - by IKM Ocean Team

Safe Oil Conversion for Offshore Turbines

Oil conversion on offshore wind turbines is taken to a new level. IKM Ocean Team’s SOCOT concept is safe, efficient, cost-effective, and environmental friendly focusing on quality.

Wind 4 SOCOT by IKM Ocean Team
The SOCOT equipment can operate from a CTV or an SOV.

Oil conversion in a safe way for offshore work at heights is what SOCOT is all about!

Wind 4 SOCOT by IKM Ocean Team
The umbilical is lifted to the nacelle.

One-Stop-Shop Service Concept
IKM Ocean Team offers a unique oil conversion package:

  • Supply of new oil at competitive prices and terms.
  • Replacing and handling of old oil.
  • Rinsing or flushing the gear or fluid systems (optional).
  • Filtering and refilling new gear and/or hydraulic oil.
  • Analysing new and old oil (optional) at own laboratory according to NAS and/or ISO-standards.

The double hose reel is hydraulic wave compensated by automatic tensioning including two patented umbilical brake-away rescue and safety device systems.

By integrated filters and heaters, purity and viscosity can be ensured, meaning the wind turbine manufacturers demand on purity will be fulfilled. - And pre-heated oil means the right working temperature will be reached shortly after the turbine starts up.

Designed to Offshore Norms 
IKM Ocean Team’s SOCOT-unit for total purity oil conversion is designed for safe lifting on board, including e.g., complete oil spill safety kit. The IKM Ocean Team SOCOT-unit completes DNV 2.7-1, ISO 1496, EN 12079 and the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code for lifting and offshore safety.

Wind 4 SOCOT by IKM Ocean Team
Efficient oil change using the SOCOT concept.

Extended Life Time for Wind Turbines
IKM Ocean Team offers flexible project models for competitive pricing: Turn Key, Joined Solution or a rental agreement.