The flexible oil conversion on-shore.

IKM Ocean Team purifies technical fluid systems. Also in wind turbines. Also on-shore. The SOCOTFlex® system gives you the freedom to plan, transport, and change various kinds of oils at a very competitive price.

Flexible and Easy
Oil convertion has become easier.

Using the SOCOTFlex® system with related UN-tanks®, provides the project management with the option of allocating oil to each WTG of a site in due time before the actual oil change, leaving the service team with only efficient working time.

The UNtanks® themselves are units of 600-750 ltr. oil. In case the work calls for additional oil, several UNtanks® are stacked, as well as various oil types can be provided within the same job.

The SOCOTflex® unit itself is a lightweight solution that can be transported on a minivan for easy reach of even remotely placed locations.

SOCOTFlex Onshore
Equipping a mini-van the the SOCOTFlex® equipment eases oil change onshore.

Tool to Reduce LCOE
The SOCOTFlex® system is a maintenance tool used on-site for production optimization and life extension of WTGs, reducing LCOE (Levelled Cost of Energy) by achieving an oil change on down to 4 hours pr. WTG, provided the right conditions.

Game Changer
As windfarms mature, operators scrutinize the operational performance of the turbines, stressing optimization of maintenance to optimize ROI on assets. IKM Ocean Team delivers that maintenance tool.

”The equipment proves to hold a competitive advantage for the onshore market”, Jens Peder Thomsen, CEO of IKM Ocean Team.  


SOCOTFlex Onshore
The ease of working with the SOCOTFlex® solution avails productivity in all countries.