Vision and strategy

Visjon og strategi- Hellestø beach

The IKM Group focuses on customers and employees.

Our aspirations are that even the most demanding customer will choose IKM as their preferred supplier to satisfy its needs. 

Our Companies are ISO certified and we conduct a schedule of audit and review to ensure that all of our companies within the group preserve focus on Quality Management and maintain continuous improvement philosophy of their Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

IKM will continue to follow its corporate policy of strategic acquisitions and of international development to expand its product or service provision, to increase its knowledge base and to add additional experience to the existing organisation.

IKM will also participate in strategic alliances with its customers or other suppliers to enable it to continuously develop its product or service provision, enhance its competence levels and to embrace new technology, to enable it to meet the increasing demands of the market and to uphold its reputation for Quality of Service or Product.

The business philosophy of IKM is the delivery of cost effective, high quality solutions to our Customer and that we value our customer supplier relationships.

IKM have developed good customer relationship established from an environment of trust, integrity and close co-operation.

Our aspiration is to make IKM an attractive employer. Demanding customers will continually provide us with challenging tasks which we will use as a tool to determine our resource levels and the competence required of our managers and employees. We will offer our customers the security that resources supplied by IKM will be capable of providing the services required of them.