IKM History

Throughout IKM’s history we have managed to combine strong growth with positive earnings on our operations. This has resulted in a solid foundation for future growth and in addition to providing a safe work place and a reliable contractor for it's customers. Motivated and loyal employees has been an essential part of our growth and success.

Foundation: Instrumentering Kalibrering og Måleteknisk
Laboratorium AS (originally Hydrotech Laboratorium AS), renamed to IKM Laboratorium AS

Established: IKM Testing AS

Established: IKM Engineering & Kompetansesenter AS, IKM Mekaniske AS and IKM Kristiansund AS

Acquisitions: Scana Hydrotech AS and Alfred Paulsen Contracting AS

Acquisitions: IKM Engineering AS (Idavoll AS). 
Established: Dept. in Bergen for IKM Testing AS and IKM Laboratorium AS

Acquisitions: Gjerseth Elektro Contracting AS, Alltex AS (service dept) and Semco Industri AS.
Established: IKM Stillas AS

Acquisitions: Kystbasen Vedlikeholds Senter AS and Subsea Design AS. 
Established: IKM Testing UK Ltd and IKM Testing Asia Pte. Ltd (Singapore)

Acquisitions: Visman AS and IKM Offshore Development AS (Offshore Development AS). IKM Mekaniske AS invests in new workshop in Jåttåvågen

Established: IKM Testing Canada Ltd. and Wellcon AS (34%)

Established: IKM Kran og Løfteteknikk AS

Acquisitions: Everclean International AS, Odim Hitecs dept. for Industrial-automation, Hitec Instrument (80%) and ACGS Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. 
Established: IKM Testing Spain SL. Share purchase: 34% of Midt-Norsk Stillas AS

Established: IKM Service AS and Merlin Subsea AS. Merger: IKM Stillas AS and IKM Visman AS merge with KAEFER Maritim AS. Change of name: KAEFER IKM AS.
Share purchase: 23,29% of Rosenberg Verft AS

Acquisitions: IKM Larsen & Mortensen AS (Steinsvik Maskin-industri, dept. Stavanger), OIS Inspection AS, IKM Ocean Design AS 51% (former JP Kenny Norge AS) and Textrain (UK) Ltd.

Established: IKM Valves AS. Demerger: IKM Elektro AS demerges from IKM Gjerseth Elektro AS, which in turn changes name to IKM Automasjon AS.
Acquisitions: IKM Mekaniske Kristiansund AS (Noomas Offshore AS)

Acquisition: IKM Instrutek AS (Instrutek AS) and IKM. Morgenstierne AS (Morgenstierne Tekniske AS).
Established: IKM Testing Australia Pty. Ltd.

Acquisition: Subsea Management Systems merged with IKM Consultants AS (Offshore Development AS), IKM Testing dept. Harstad (Altinex Services AS), IKM Årdal Mekaniske AS (Årdal Mekaniske Verksted AS) and IKM Production Technology AS (Altinex Reservoir Technology AS).
Established: IKM Testing Malaysia, IKM Production Technology AS, IKM Production Technology Sdn. Bhd
Sale: IKM Automasjon AS and IKM Mekaniske AS, (fabrication dept.) 

Acquisition: IKM DSC Engineering AS (DSC Engineering AS), Arne Bø Pedersen AS (dept. for bolt working) and Jacobsen Services AS merged with IKM Testng AS.
Sale: KAEFER IKM AS and Rosenberg Verft AS (28,4%)

Acquisition: Moland Mekaniske AS.
Established: IKM Subsea AS, IKM Operations AS, IKM Maskinering AS (merger of IKM Larsen & Mortensen AS, IKM Årdal Mekaniske AS and Moland Mekaniske AS)

Acquisitions: Project Partner AS, IKM Technique AS (Technique AS), IKM Miljøteknikk AS (Miljøteknikk AS) and IKM Haaland Group AS (Haaland AS, Industrigravøren AS and Haaland Elektronikk AS)

Acquisitions: Cleandrill AS, Ceragon Networks AS (instrument- and  calibration dept.), Elektro Partner AS, Røntgenkontrollen  AS  and  Norweld Control Services AS
Mergers:  Electro dept. in Electro Partner AS merges with IKM Elektro AS, Marine dept. in ElectroPartner AS merges with IKM Instrutek AS, IKM Miljøteknikk AS merges wiht IKM Laboratorium AS, IKM Haaland Group AS merges with IKM Gruppen AS, Project Partner AS merges with IKM Consultans AS
Established: IKM Subsea Singapore Pte Ltd, IKM Subsea Malaysia,, IKM Testing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and IKM Testing Poland Sp. z o.o.
Sales:  Haaland Elektronikk AS

Acquisitions: IKM Minic AS (Minic AS) (51%), IKM HVAC AS (HVACsolutions AS) (51%), Fevik NDT AS, R13 (IKM Testing Brasil LTDA), IKM Norwegian Technology Solutions AS (Norwegian Technology Solutions AS), (67%), IKM Stål & Fasade AS (Stål & Fasade AS) (100%), IKM Uneiatm Offshore AS (Uniteam Vest AS) (51%)
Established: IKM Mooring Services AS

Acquisitions: Poseidon Consulting Services (100%), Rogaland Offshore (100%) and IKM dsc Engineering (100%)
Established: IKM Euroheat, IKM Testing Korea LLC, IKM Mexico S. av RL de CV and IKM Offshore Service
Mergers: IKM Service AS merges with IKM Kran og Løfteteknikk AS
Sales: IKM Uniteam Offshore AS sold to IKM Holding AS (IKM Invest AS)

Acquisitions: Oiltools AS (100%), Pressure Control AS (70%), Hymek Services AS (90%)
Sales: IKM Valves AS
Demergers: IKM Mekaniske demergers the dept. at Nærbø
Established: IKM Oiltools AS, IKM Pressure Control AS and IKM Hydraulic Services AS, IKM Stainless Technology AS, IKM Consultants UK

Acquisitions:Oceaneering NCA, Navcom
Established: IKM OMC, IKM Technology, IKM Subsea UK, IKM Cleandrill Australia
Merges/Demergers: IKM Subsea Solutions and IKM Technique merges, IKM Mekaniske demergers the  «Contracting dept.» into IKM Offshore Services
Sales: IKM Stål & Fasade

Established: IKM HVAC Polen, IKM Laboratorium avd. Larvik, IKM Instrutek avd. Ålesund, IKM Cleandrill UK
Merger: IKM Røntgenkontrollen meges with IKM Inspection
Phase out: IKM Testing dept. Gladstone, Alberta

Acquisitions: IKM Tech Team Solutions
Mergers: IKM Mekaniske is merged with Halvorsen Offshore and becomes Halvorsen Mekaniske (IKM 40% ownership), IKM OMC is merged with IKM Testing

Acquisition: IKM Subsea Middle East FZE
Sale: IKM Maskinering
Liquidation: IKM Testing Spain, IKM Testing Mexico
Other: Halvorsen Mekaniske changes name to Stavanger Mekaniske

Acquisition: IKM WME
Sale: IKM Stainless Technology, IKM Haaland, IKM Cleandrill, IKM Cleandrill Australia

Acquisition: IKM SolidTech, IKM Acona, IKM C6 Technologies, Stavanger Mechanical (from 40% to 100%)
Establishments: IKM Subsea Motor Solutions, IKM Production Technology UK Ltd
Sale: IKM Offshore services, IKM WME
Mergers: IKM Pressure Control merged into IKM Production Technology

Acquisition: IKM Rada (53%), IKM Promech (55%), Sigma Inspection, Alfa Solution (70%), Endur Industrier, Metallproduksjon
Establishments: IKM Subsea Brasil LTDA, WindCarrier (50%)

Acquisition: Ocean Team Group (DK), Haaland Tynnplate (from 49% to 100%)
Establishments: IKM Subsea Ghana, IKM Instrument Rental
Sale: IKM Laboratorium
Reorganization: IKM Kran og Løfteteknikk and IKM Tech Team Solutions are included in the establishment of Føn Energy Services

Acquisition: Safe Control (70%), Elektrodrift (90%), IKM Flux, IKM ValveWatch, Ex-Tech System
Establishments: We Energy
Mergers: IKM Hydraulic Services AS fusjoneres inn i IKM Promech AS, Sigma Inspection, IKM Technology Inspection og IKM Inspection samles til et selskap - IKM Inspection