Laser engraving and deep engraving

High precision engraving in all types of materials.

IKM Industrigravøren AS

We supply laser engraved signs in plastic and stainless steel grades. We also laser engrave our customers’ own materials. Laser engraving is an affordable alternative and can be used in many contexts.

Deep engraving is primarily used on operator panels and on more exclusive product signs. The products are mostly used on ships, offshore and in industry. When you need text and information in places that are exposed to bad weather or chemicals, deep engraving is the best solution. The result is precise, strong and just as durable as the material it is engraved on. As standard, the method produces a solid-coloured result, but we paint the engraved area if additional or specific colours are required. We carry out both laser engraving and mechanical engraving on all materials and in all sizes.

Our six machines mean we have significant capacity for laser engraving and deep engraving. The figure or text to be engraved is based on a vector file and is executed with a high level of precision and a great finish.

The maximum sheet size for deep engraving is 1500 x 3000 mm. The maximum size for laser engraving is 900 x 1400 mm.

Please contact us if you require industrial engraving.