Extreme precision with water jet cutting

We offer precision cutting in virtually all materials.

IKM Industrigravøren AS

Water jet cutting ensures clean cuts and means there is very little need for finishing. We specialise in water jet cutting for industry, cutting parts that go straight to assembly as well as elements for machining firms. These can include gears, brackets, or anything else based on vector drawings.

Water jet cutting is a unique way of cutting materials. Using a thin jet of water at extremely high pressures, we are able to cut through most materials. The advantage of this technique is that we do not treat the material using heat or chemicals. This ensures that no form of energy is added to the material, meaning it retains its properties and qualities.

We have three machines for water jet cutting and extensive capacity within our production environment. We are able to process sheets up to a thickness of 220mm. The maximum dimensions for sheets to be cut using water jets are 2000 x 4000mm.

If you have products that need cutting using water jets, please get in touch.