ROV & Subsea Operations

ROV & Subsea operations

Our core services are within Installation, Rig Drill Support, IMR (Inspection Manintenance & Repair), Decommissioning, Utilities and Communication.

• Operational Support
• Engineering

Rig Drill Support
• Well intervention and completion.
• Operational support incl. IMR
• Engineering

Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Vessels (IMR)
• Project Management
• Commissioning of new subsea assets
• All types of inspections and surveys
• Maintenance and repair of subsea assets
• Delivery of special tooling

• Cleaning
• Inspection

IKM Subsea is widely known for its electrical ROV-design and the increasing operational advantages this provides for our clients. The fleet consists of more than 22 electrical Work Class ROVs and 4 Observation Class ROVs.These are supported from 3 operational centres based in Norway, UK and Singapore.

Onshore Control Center - operations from shore
As part of the remote technologies and digitalization currently revolutionizing the subsea industry. IKM Subsea, a lead edge technology provider, are proud to present our innovative onshore control center, delivering the capacity to operate our ROV Subsea vehicles on projects and missions in the subsea offshore sector worldwide.

Residential - ROV (R-ROV)
IKM Subsea’s proven Residential ROV solution has revolutionized traditional subsea operations. Our clients are experiencing increased  operational efficiencies  due to improved rig utilization with greatly reduced waiting on weather time for the ROV subsea operations as a core benefit, this in addition to further added value factors, including reduced HSE and personnel requirements. The R-ROV together with the onshore control center solution are the step change towards an unlimited potential in ROV and subsea operations for the future. IKM Subsea are at the core of this new beginning with inhouse technology delivered since 2009. IKM Subsea have a long and proven track record across an extensive client base and have executed more than 400 projects by the end of 2018.

IKM Subsea ROV & Subsea operations