Are you aware of any wrongdoing?

Notifying of censurable conditions and wrongdoings within the IKM Group

To raise concerns about wrongdoings and censurable conditions is important and allows the IKM Group to discover and correct unwanted behaviors and conditions. Examples of such include violation of laws, rules or ethical guidelines, misconduct, fraud, corruption, vandalism, bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Who can raise a concern?
All employees (including temporarily hired personnel), and third 
parties with whom IKM Group has a business relationship 
(suppliers, customers, etc.).

How to raise a concern?

  • To your immediate superior or another superior in the organization
  • To the safety representative, union representative or the occupational health service.
  • By using IKM Group’s external integrity (Whistle blower) channel. 

The service is operated and handled by KPMG Forensic in Norway.


Telephone: +47 90 71 38 44

When notifying, you are encouraged to provide as many details and facts as possible. If you use the external integrity (Whistleblower) channel, you also have the option of remaining anonymous. However, it will be easier to conduct an investigation and diligently perform other follow up activities if the person reporting provides his/her identity.

The person raising a concern shall proceed responsibly, and in accordance with IKM Group’s routines and guidelines. Notifications to supervisory authorities or other public authorities is always considered responsible behavior.

Prohibition of retaliation
Retaliation against employees reporting or considering reporting is illegal. The same applies to temporary employees.

Handling of notifications
Concerns raised through the external integrity (whistleblowing) channel are received by KPMG. The identity of the person reporting will always be kept confidential. KPMG will validate the reported concern and make an initial report to IKM Group. The person raising the concern will receive a status update on how their notification is followed-up on.