Condition Monitoring systems (CMS)

Condition Monitoring (CMS)

Long-term preventative maintenance
Our state-of-the-art maintenance system is timely modern and is adapted to the individual customer's needs and machinery, where uptime is maintained at the lowest possible cost. The system does not normally interfere with the machine's operation and is a tool for long-term preventive maintenance together with other operating parameters. The software is simple and intuitive for users, as well as data collection and data processing takes place efficiently through web solutions. We provide 3 types of systems where the simplest are handheld systems where operators or IKM can conduct regular frequency measurement rounds, or fixed-mounted systems, either wired or wireless. The latter is very suitable where cabling can be difficult and expensive, and / or very difficult to obtain. (Examples may be equipment in drilling towers on rigs).

The system ensures optimum operating time and maintenance can be planned so that the costs are significantly reduced. Our concept is approved by class companies and can be certified by DNV GL, ABS and Lloyds. Our concept also addresses the individual customer's desire for frequency of data analysis. You can, in consultation, set up the agreement that is optimal for the individual customer, and not least in terms of. how critical the equipment is for operation and / or operation.

Key Information:

  • Wired online systems
  • Wireless online systems
  • Wireless data collector 
  • Online systems measuring all points simultaniously
  • SFI shock finder for slow rotating machinery
  • Measurements on operating conditions