Return, warranty, service, and / or calibration

Return, warranty, service, and / or calibration

When returning products to IKM Instrutek AS

If you are going to return a product to us, it is important that we can register this correctly in our systems so that the waiting time for you as a customer is as short as possible. We therefore ask that you use our return form which you can download at the right of this page.

Reason for return:
- Return by appointment
- Warranty repair requirements
- Want the item repaired
- Return for other reasons

New calibration
Calibration can be ordered simultaneously with the delivery of a new instrument. We have close cooperation with calibration laboratories such as IKM Laboratorium AS, as well as with our manufacturers who can supply calibration on new instruments. Contact us at IKM Instrutek AS and ask for a price on calibration at the same time as you would like a new measuring instrument.

Contact us by phone or email:
Phone: +47 33 16 57 00 / E-mail:
Calibration and repair of existing instruments
If you want calibration and / or service on instruments you have already purchased from us, this can be done in two ways: If the calibration can be performed by IKM Laboratorium AS, it will be transferred and executed in Larvik, alternatively in Stavanger, Oslo or Bergen . Alternatively, we make sure that it is sent to our manufacturer of the product.

Please contact us before sending the item to us:
Phone: +47 33 16 57 00 / E-mail: