Machine protection systems (MPS)

Machine protection systems and sensors (MPS)

Machine health and vibration monitoring
Engine health and vibration monitoring systems provide the data needed to support condition-based maintenance. The equipment can directly interfere with the machine's operation and stop it if faults are detected, and its purpose is to protect life and health, as well as the equipment and reduce any damage extent / downtime with associated costs. The system provides continuous online monitoring of customer equipment. Modern software that provides real-time data and alarm protocols to prevent unwanted incidents with the machinery.

Our system provides the customer with added value. that it is a flexible and configurable system that is adapted to the individual customer's needs and equipment. Easier to plan maintenance and thus also opportunities to optimize spare parts needs. Rack based system that can also be easily expanded and the system has low installation costs.

Key Information:

  • Protection of all rotating machinery
  • API 670 compliance 
  • Segregation between MPS and CMS 
  • Supports all vibration sensors 
  • Totally modular system